50% chance the keel will go up. Or down.

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Jun 282010

Olari has started to install the machinery that will lift the 5 ton keel up and down. The draft can be changed from 3.8 meters to 1.8 meters. This shallow draft is often necessary when entering small fishing harbors and secluded anchorages.

We were joking about this this morning, since the last two boats that he installed hydraulic steering on were connected backwards. So I am now taking bets on which way the keel will go when I press the Down button the first time. Up or Down? What do You think?

The keel hydraulics have one main lifting cylinder and three small locking cylinders to keep it in place when it’s down. You can see one of the locking cylinders (letters RB) in this image. The machinery does a funky automatic sequencing without any electronics involved, so that the locks do not engage until the keel is fully down, and then releases before it lifts. This has been copied from the passenger gangway of Hammarbyfärjan, by the way…

Jun 142010

Somewhere on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, a new missile is ready to launch on it’s first journey. A journey that in a few weeks will make it part of a Journeyman. From the research made in the 1900’s by a man named Young, to the super-high-tech design work of Jens Österlund at Starcs, this missile has been shaped into a real life piece of plastic by my friend Fredrik Magnusson, who deserves HUGE thanks for stepping up and taking quite a few hours away from his own sailboat building project to make the bulb shape.

Actually what happened was that the yard and their casting partner in Tallinn gave up on building the bulb, realizing the project was a bit too complex for them. So in the last minute I had to find a different way of making it. So now with Fredriks help I think we will still be able to pull this off. Thx.

Apr 302010

Today the keelbox will be done. So I guess next week we can finally put it in. Soooo many other jobs are waiting for this to get done…

The guy welding the inner side of the bottom plate has what I would think is the worlds lowest ceiling for a sauna. About 280mm. You can see in the picture that the bottom plate is really thick. This means that it needs to be preheated before welding, so the entire box that the welder is now lying inside is quite hot…

First victory in the keelbox battle

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Apr 222010

The keel box, which has been a difficult nut to crack for the builders, is finally making progress:

The keel fin now passes through the box with a reasonably good fit. One corner of the box became too loose, but we will fix that by making the slider sheet on the fin 3mm thicker in that corner.

In case you wonder about the curved shape at the bottom of the box, this is the 25mm thick high strength plate that will take the main blow to the hull in case of running aground at speed.


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Mar 042010

With a bit of violence it is possible for the welder to get inside. Good. We don’t need to get a robot…