Design Images


This is a few computer rendered images from the final CAD design model. Over all the design process took 8 years of calendar time and maybe 4 man years of working time. The design was restarted from scratch 9 times, so the current version is the 10th. The first 5 versions were mostly design studies, while version 6 was taken all the way to manufacturing drawings.

Version 7 was a complete redesign for lighter displacement (from 16 to 12.8 tons). Version 8 was mostly redoing the functional layout, and version 9 was what I then believed was the final version. Version 10 again became a complete redesign when the decision was made to go for the radical hull proposed by Gabriel Heyman. This decision moved the mast and keel about 2 meters aft, which completely changed all structural and layout parameters.

  2 Responses to “Design Images”

  1. Hi Jesper,

    just one word: Awesome!

    I took a sailing break last year and fully understand why you came up with this. Enjoy the build and the coming launch!

    as it is a racer too…are you considering to take it to e.g. Rolex Middle Sea Race to get some publicity and test it in a race? If so, I am Yachtmaster Ocean certified and have loads of both racing experience and off shore sailing experience with 18.000 miles myself.

    have fun,


  2. Awesome design! Congratulations!
    You did some FEA structural analysis of the hull or was made based on the designer experience ?