Jan 142010

We’ve gotten the keel surface treatment going. Step 1 is sandblasting:

The blasted steel has a beautiful surface actually. Smooth dark and extremely matte grey. Too bad I can’t keep it like that!

When the sandblasting is done we have to paint the first ThorCoat layer very quickly, otherwise the steel will get oxidized and the paint will not stick so well. But the keel is COLD! And it can’t be painted until it’s 15° or warmer. So we will hang it in front of a 50kW diesel heater for a while to get warm, and then it will go into a separately heated painting room.

Click “Read the rest…” for more images of what it looked like before blasting!

And here we are hanging out to dry and warm:

  One Response to “Having a Blast in the Snow”

  1. Karin made the proposal to construct some oars for the JM60 and make it the first built galley in some hundred years.
    I think it sticks.
    Would be fun to row into harbour in the Caribbean somewhere.