Oct 042011

As always on the channel, 3.5 knots of tide going one way and 24 knots of wind going the other way creates interesting seas. The first victim on this leg was my beloved tea thermos, bought in Estonia. It took a bit of a sharper fall than it was designed for, and smashed.

Next was the main sheet webbing, which I have now replaced with a more solid one. Then we had a small influx of water through the sail locker hatch, which fell upon the connectors to the bow thruster, which got confused and refused to work any more.

One of my carbon reinforced dorade boxes got caught in the staysail sheet in the night darkness, and broke off. The carbon held, but not the plastic inside it which the screws were set in. So it will be redone with more carbon there too ;-)

But now we are in France, which is always nice! The marina here does not look that good from the water, but it is right in the city center with lots of nice places around!

Plus… Fresh croissants for breakfast!