Oct 052011

Boulogne is a nice town, the marina is reasonably priced, and the weather forecast looks like beating to windward in strong winds (as usual on this trip so far) but this time in rain:

Conclusion: We stay here for a while. It seems the low over Scotland will be moving away during Friday, which gives us nicer winds then.

Time to fix some of that collateral damage, then. I am sending a grateful thought to Hamel Sails: The first webbing they made for the main tack was too small, so they made a new larger one. I did save the smaller one, and now it comes in very handy as a replacement for the broken one. It is much wider though, so I have to redesign the attachment a little.

  5 Responses to “Wind wait…”

  1. Are u DRILLING HOLES in your 100K Carbon Rig????

    • :-) It has about 1000 holes in it already! Lots of screws. And the attachment for the old webbing was too narrow for the new and improved one. So I removed it completely, I don’t think it’s needed at all. But then I had to fit a small pad-eye instead, to have something to attach the sail pack to.

  2. Don´t you now him This guy must always try the hard way… Håller tummarna att det håller..