Jul 272010

So we finished the steering today.

I had at least 2 months of e-mail arguments with the folks at HyDrive in Australia before they agreed to make a steering system according to my specifications. In the end they were kind of intrigued by my ideas, and actually built a prototype system in their factory before saying yes.

It wasn’t cheap either. But it’s really really solid. And today we put it together. After a lot of thinking I wrote down a 42 step bleeding process that we ended up not following completely, but we still got all the air out of the system nicely.

The system works…… wait for it…… Perfectly.

It is so precise that I am unable to move one wheel even half a millimeter without the other wheel following instantly. And then at a flick of a valve the wheels can be disconnected so only one is used for steering for even better feel and precision. And a second flick on the same valve locks the hole system completely solid, for just rudder lock or autopilot control.

  11 Responses to “Happy Helmsman”

  1. Sorry, but I am NOT surprised.
    Perfect is your middle name.

  2. Martin, I can’t agree more.

    And its not an easy project either – understatement of the year. I’m sure she will be the perfect combination – like The Fith Element.

  3. Ps. Regarding the opposite to being perfect – sorry for the spelling mistakes in the above message ;-)

  4. I think this picture is a must for some hunk of the month mag. And well done with the steering system! :-)

  5. I don’t understand what you’re talking about but I can hear it’s good. I mean really good!!! Have a nice sleep.

  6. I’m not surprised ;) -You are mastering a project with 1.000.001 things… and you are the master that will master the 1.000.001 things. Even at times some things don’t 100% work out the way you won’t it – I’m sure that all the things that really matter will work out exactly they way you want it! Keep up the great work – you are a daily inspiration resource even though you are alone on the island, disconnected physically from friends and so – we are all behind you every bolt and step of the way.

  7. I assume you have statistics regarding the number of visitors on your site.
    It would be interesting to know how many of us hang-arounds there are.
    I totally understand your satisfaction with the finished steering. Well done!
    Hopefully you will have the same experience with the upcoming critical moments.

  8. Regarding number of visitors: About 100 people every day, most people seem to be visiting about every 2-3 days. There are about 500 people following the blog in total right now.

  9. Hi Jesper.
    I am glad to be one of those visitors. (But of course it doesn’t come close to the joy from sailing with you)

    I am impressed, but not surprised, about your goals, skills and total engagement.


  10. Lots of Martin in here.
    Is this a coincident or is it so that Jesper have realised Martin people are relay nice and supportive in life?

    I urge to all of you Martin hanging on this site to post a post to show our names strong commitment and support to the JM project.

    For the rest of you like Alexander (fluff), Andrew (not many HUH), Stefan (sorry) you can pick up the gauntlet if you dare.
    Or you can change name to Martin.


  11. On the soo many Martins out there … there just might be the simple fact that it goes every so many Martins on one Andrew or Alexander ;) So there is no need for more Andrews or Alexanders… or some crazy name change… For every 3 or so Martins there is an Andrew or Alexander or Stefan etc :D