Jul 272010

Yesterday all the cushion sizes were tried out, so those should be ready in time for launch. The sofas will get grey cushions in a super durable fabric which still feels quite like ordinary canvas. I’ll write more about that when they are delivered in a few days.

In the picture below Sven is working on mounting the subwoofer for the stereo system in the port side sofa.

  2 Responses to “Salon taking shape.”

    @ last U got your prios right.
    It is däsko tajm………

  2. Well, if we’re speaking ’bout priorities, then lighting seems to be waay before sound (see esp. the (swedish language) post made 2009 06 09). I mean, this wasn’t even tagged equipment.

    Nice to follow the project BTW, even for a landlubber like me. Lots of food for ones imagination…

    Happy sailing!