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Nov 212014

The boat is standing still and there are no updates to the blog.

What’s up? Well ;-) ….

I married.

Got a baby son.

The boat will get its attention in due time!!

Jan 172014

OK, it’s been quite a while. Lots of family stuff, good and bad, going on. But now it is hopefully all settled. And I want to bring the Journeyman closer to European waters, to make it more accessible for all interested sailors.

So during the second week of March we will set sail towards Gibraltar, and then on to some marina in the vincinity (I haven’t decided which one yet, any recommendations for places with reasonable pricing would be welcome :-) !

So, if you have some spare time and would like to join in the crossing from Tenerife to the mainland, do get in touch (jesper@journeyman.se). It will be about a weeks journey.

Jun 152013


Well folks, it’s time for a little break. Almost 10 000 NM in the last six months. We have safely arrived in Tenerife, and the Journeyman will get a bit of a rest while I tend to other matters. This will mean a bit of a break in the blogging too, I am afraid.

Jun 052013

OK, so we’re off the coast of Mauretania. It’s early June. And I’m doing my shifts dressed in thick fleece under full foul weather gear, with gloves and a hat on. We have a very chilly feeling 17°C!!! Is it supposed to be like this?

May 172013

As tradition will have it, every one in the crew passed strenuous tests in order to qualify for entry into the Kingdom of Neptune. This time, due to the level of sweat and saltwater everyone is covered with, the test was to wash your hair Neptune style. Now we are home. In the Northern hemisphere.