A comforting fish

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May 112013


So we started our crossing towards Cape Verde. But the squally weather, with its frequent calms that require motoring, we soon realized that we had an engine problem. With each squall the engine lost more power, and this time it wasn’t because of clogged filters.

So we have had to go to shore to seek an engineer to fix it. We are now in Recife in northern Brazil.

A small comfort in all this is that we caught a nice 4 kg Dorade just outside Recife. So we got a tasty lunch!

Apr 042013

Update: The crew for this journey has now been filled. Europe here we come !!


We are planning a crossing from Salvador, Brazil to Santa Cruz, Tenerife, with a stop-over in the Cape Verde islands. These two legs will be 15-18 days and 6-8 days respective. The only cost is your share of food costs.

The schedule is roughly from first week in May to mid June. We are currently 3 in the crew on this trip, so there is room for a few more!

See the crewing info page for the usual info.

Apr 032013


As we move further north we are slowly moving into the “too hot for comfort” zone. On Abrolhos I found this little guy, who obviously needs a pair of slippers to walk on the sundrenched rocks.

Mar 022013

Apparently there is not much food for the albatrosses out here. I have never experienced a bird trying to eat our fishing lure before. This guy was hungry, and got hooked. Fortunately he was pretty calm about it, and I was able to pull him in and grab him by the beak and unhook him without any fuss. The hook was only sitting in the bone of the hooked part of his upper beak, so he wasn’t even hurt.