Sewing project completed

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Nov 172012

Now we have a convenient way to stow our 250 meters of floating mooring lines. These lines will be used for the traditional 3-point moorings used in the bays in Patagonia, where you want to stay close to the trees of the shore in order to minimize winds. So you drop the anchor from the front, and then tie two lines to the trees on shore to get a fixed mooring point with no swinging. The lines need to be floating since they are very long and would be too heavy to handle if they were traditional sinking rope.

Feb 262010

I think if I had only designed the boat and then just managed the building process, I would not feel satisfied… I have a need to do at least some parts of the actual building too. So the last days I have been making the 7 mooring cleats. We decided to do them in high strength aluminum and have them welded to the hull, instead of screwing some manufactured cleats in place. Welded cleats are stronger and the leak risk is smaller.