Join the Crew


As we sail around the world there are many opportunities for people to join as a crew members. This means you are part of the team that sail the yacht, on an equal footing with the rest of the team on board.

Where are you going, and when?

You can find route destinations, schedule and seat availability on the Route and Timeline page.

What does it mean to be a crew member?

As a crew member you will have responsibilities such as:

  • Steering
  • Cooking
  • Setting, trimming and stowing sails
  • Navigation
  • Lookout
  • Cleaning and dish-washing
  • Assisting with maintenance/ repair
  • Deploying, raising and stowing anchors
  • Setting and retrieving mooring lines
  • Managing the on board provisions

Responsibilities will vary depending on each individual team members skills, experience and desires. We sail around the clock during longer passages, and share the watches. The watch schedule will depend on the number of people in the crew and the weather conditions. Typically you will have 2-4 hour watches with 2-6 hours of sleep in between.

What is important is that all crew members participate together in creating the experience. My suggested motto for a good crew member is to care first for the team, and then for themselves. This way everyone is working towards a pleasurable adventure for all of us.

What experience do I need?

You do not need to be an experienced sailor. Given that we usually sail long distances, you will be doing watches around the clock. So you will be picking up the basic skills pretty quickly. After that it is up to you how much more you want to learn. I’ve had people coming on board with no sailing experience and walking off 5 weeks later with enough skills to pass a Yachtmaster exam…

However, you are expected to have some experience in greater outdoor sports. If you’ve never experienced uncomfortable sleeping conditions before, or don’t enjoy working in rough weather, sailing on the Journeyman is probably not for you.

What equipment do I need?

To put it short: Clothes and sleeping stuff. ISAF Offshore Regulations equipment is provided. (Compliant life-jackets, lifelines, etc). You bring your own clothes suitable for the climate which is expected for the legs you will participate in. If you are not experienced in ocean sailing, bear in mind that even in tropical climates the nights can get pretty cold. And you should be prepared to stay outdoors at night for 4 hours. We provide additional advice if you feel uncertain about what to bring.

For sleeping we have comfortable sea-berths, with blankets and pillows. Bring your own bedding set and/or sleeping bag.

Pack your things in a single large soft bag.  Hard travel cases are not practical.

How do I get to the boat?

You have manage your own travel arrangements to and from the boat. Since the sailing cost is quite low, travel costs are a comparatively large part of the trip budget, so don’t forget to check those before deciding to come. And remember that sailing is not a precise activity when it comes to schedules, so do get tickets that allow rescheduling.

What about accidents?

We have a liability insurance for the yacht (should you for example steer the yacht on ground or into a collision). But there is no personal health or rescue insurance. You will need a suitable personal health and accident insurance. First check if the conditions from your home insurance provider covers your trip. There might be limitations in time or allowed activities. Sometimes you can extend the allowed time-span for a small fee. If you find you are not covered and need extra insurance, and others supply wide coverage single trip travel insurances.