Oct 312010

We took the opportunity of the nice Halloween Sunday weather to test the large downwind sails for the first time. It was quite exhilarating! The total sail area is 296 m2 with the Code sail.  The weather was very calm, the sea was almost like a mirror with about 7 knots of wind. But the boat was trucking along at 8 knots, with about a 90° difference between AWA and TWA. Veeery nice feeling!!

Sep 162010

Wow! First day of REAL sea trials is done. The wind was around 20kts, with gusts up to 28kts (14 m/s). Perfect wind for really seeing how the boat behaved.

First of all, the balance was superb!!! We did not yet have the reefing lines installed, so we sailed with a full main and the staysail. Not a perfect set of sails in these conditions, but the boat was still very stable and showed no broaching tendencies. Plenty of heel of course, but the angled rudders always had full grip and never ventilated. Steering felt precise even during the gusts.

We ended the day with a long list of small and medium sized work items on the todo list, both on the rigging and on the sails. Leeches need shortening on the main and solent. Mast had a bit of an S curve so the foot and D2 stays will need adjustments. And so on. But overall, I feel it was a solid success. Many thanks to Hans, Herman and Bengt from Hamel Sails. These guys really go through everything down to the last detail in both sails and the packs in order to create easily workable solutions.

We had two professional photographers in a RIB taking pictures, but I have not managed to get any images from them yet, look out for those in a couple of days!

Funky Door Complete

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Jul 072010

What makes a door funky, you may ask? Well, for example the fact that it is in three pieces. Two on separate hinges, to allow opening only the upper part, and keeping the lower in place as a wash-over protection. The third part is a small fold-able corner of the upper door part. It uses frictional hinges to stay in place, and allows the upper door to be completely open and out of the way without colliding with the cockpit sofa backrest.

In other news, the doors to the forward toilet and shower was cut and put in place upside down, in a moment when I wasn’t looking. Too bad, now we have to make new ones… We also tested the ballast tanks today. First there was a very major leak due to a hole in the pumps, then only a small leak that hopefully is fixed for tomorrow. The emptying works fine:

The machines get a place to rest

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Feb 192010

A lot of work on the mountings for the machinery happened the last days. The engine mount is completed:

An advice to others planning to build stuff like this: Never ever trust the manufacturers drawings of the equipment they deliver. The bow thruster drawings had the mounting holes in the wrong place. And the engine had a different distance between the mounts than what the manufacturer specified. Actually Olari said he would build a model of the engine to test with as he built the engine mount, but for some reason this didn’t get done and of course the engine didn’t fit the first time. But now it fits nicely.

The Bow Thruster (not the human one, the real!) has also been put in place and tested. As usual it looks a little bit like a blood bath when the leak test developer fluid is put on.