Veggie Store

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May 092011

All long distance cruisers know that you need to store vegetables high and dry with lots of air circulation. Everyone I know uses a piece of netting that forms a hammock in the salon ceiling for this. Now being the stubborn designer I am I naturally had to try to improve a little bit on this too. There are two issues: The commonly available netting has way too large holes, letting a lot of smaller pieces fall through. And having only one net forces all the different types of vegetables to share the same bed, which is not always a good idea. Try storing apples next to bananas and see how long the bananas last, for example…

So I decided to use the empty shelf on top of the ballast tanks for this. This space is not very useful for anything else anyway. After a lot of stubborn searching I finally found a nice net with 4mm holes, which is a lot better than 30mm… From this net I sewed 6 separate boxes, 3 for each side. I also needed to make sure the nets staid in the air even when loaded with vegetables, so I sewed some small battens into the bottom of the boxes to make sure they didn’t collapse. So now I have lots of space, no garbage falling out, and 6 divided compartments. Good.

Storing long things

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Mar 192010

The main large storage space in the cockpit is under the sofa seats. The forward part of the seats has the clothes closet in the aft cabins underneath, so there can be no storage there. This would mean that the actual storage box would be too short to store the long things you need in the cockpit, like a broom, a hook and so on.

I solved this by adding an extra “long things storage” pipe in the sofa. This pipe has a double use, it will become the clothes hanger on the inside. I promise I will have a cleaner broom when the boat is launched…