Sail Maintenance and so on…

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Dec 182012

Today the weather was really nice and calm so we profited from that by doing a small repair on the genoa luff. It had a small rip in the usual spot just at the start of the fore-stay groove. Now it has been reinforced by a bit of kevlar so it should be OK.

We also got the dinghy engine running perfectly well now, after a few days of work which ended up being a rather large overhaul.

So we’re finally ready for some excursions on the island. Now we just need some suitable weather. But tomorrow does not look so promising. Northerly winds are not good for the anchorage we are targeting for our first excursion.



Nov 082010

The final thing missing before the ice settles on the Stockholm archipelago was some sailing photos with the Solent and the Code-0 set. Yesterday we managed this, thanks to photographer Helena Wahlman. You can see some results¬† at the “Official” Swedish Photo Blog at and a whole bunch friends who came along for the end-of-season sailing weekend.

Sep 162010

Wow! First day of REAL sea trials is done. The wind was around 20kts, with gusts up to 28kts (14 m/s). Perfect wind for really seeing how the boat behaved.

First of all, the balance was superb!!! We did not yet have the reefing lines installed, so we sailed with a full main and the staysail. Not a perfect set of sails in these conditions, but the boat was still very stable and showed no broaching tendencies. Plenty of heel of course, but the angled rudders always had full grip and never ventilated. Steering felt precise even during the gusts.

We ended the day with a long list of small and medium sized work items on the todo list, both on the rigging and on the sails. Leeches need shortening on the main and solent. Mast had a bit of an S curve so the foot and D2 stays will need adjustments. And so on. But overall, I feel it was a solid success. Many thanks to Hans, Herman and Bengt from Hamel Sails. These guys really go through everything down to the last detail in both sails and the packs in order to create easily workable solutions.

We had two professional photographers in a RIB taking pictures, but I have not managed to get any images from them yet, look out for those in a couple of days!

Nice to have on a sailboat: Sails.

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Jul 172010

The sails are the last thing that goes on. But the team at Hamel Sails is already hard at work, to make sure everything is ready when the boat is rigged in late August.

Panels of the stay-sail being glued together before sewing:

Sections laid out:

The clew patch being sewed: