Jan 022012

It has been a nice stay, even if we couldn’t get our repairs done. But plans are made to be changed, anyhow.

I’m actually pretty excited about going to Brazil, I think it will be fun! We are going to Salvador Bahia, with an estimated time of arrival on the 11th of January.

The planning pages on this site are not yet updated, I didn’t have the time. But that will be done in Salvador.

Jul 162011

We have decided to go for a short promotion tour around the south and west coast of Sweden. This tour will start in Karlshamn where we are part of Östersjöfestivalen from Thursday July 21 until Saturday. Then we sail towards Gothenburg on Sunday July 24, spend a couple of day there and then head north for the west coast archipelago around Marstrand and other small fishing ports. After that we go back to Stockholm.

I am making this an “all are welcome” promotional tour, and there are only a couple of people in the crew so far so if you want to get a taste of what sailing on a Journeyman is like this is an excellent opportunity. There will be no cost for coming along except your share of food costs and harbour fees. As usual, seats are allocated on a first come first served basis, via the crew@journeyman.se mailbox.

Or if you are near one of these harbours, please come down and visit us, have a chat and get to see the boat!

A good day to dream…

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Jun 142009

As I’m writing this the rain is falling in a steady drizzle. Telefonica Blue has just ran aground in the Volvo Ocean Race. And I am waaay bored with packing and tidying up my apartment.  It’s a good time to dream of days to come:


This is a tentative plan for the first 18 months. It’s maybe 13 000 Nm, plus some excursions on top of that. Quite a nice tempo for a trip that starts in the fall in Stockholm and arrives in Patagonia in time for the warm season a year and a half later. 900 Nm per month on average.

A swift move through the Caribbean, stocking up on rom and roots rock in Jamaica before hitting the Panama Canal. March – April is spent on Cocos Islands and Galapagos. Then it’s time for the Journeyman to face the stuff it was designed for: Upwind and upstream southwards along the coast of Peru and Chile.