Jan 242010

Note that this post was originally created as a live report, so you will have to start at the bottom to get the right chronological order…

And remember… Throughout this process, the temperature is -25°C.

15:10 – The Eagle Has Landed

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Sunday it is.

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Jan 222010

Just a quick note to tell you to keep your fingers crossed on Sunday. This is when it happens. I will keep you posted…

Jan 212010

All the details for lifting and turning the hull around are now falling into place. I am starting to feel a slight nervousness. From what I understand from the Alunaut guys it is a difficult maneuver. And I have calculated the space available under the cranes when the hull is hanging from its side. And it is about 5 millimeters…  So keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

The new supports that Journeyman will rest on have arrived:

Two new 5 ton cranes have been installed:

And the lifting points have been attached to the hull, which also has been temporarily reinforced on the inside: