Jul 162011

We have decided to go for a short promotion tour around the south and west coast of Sweden. This tour will start in Karlshamn where we are part of Östersjöfestivalen from Thursday July 21 until Saturday. Then we sail towards Gothenburg on Sunday July 24, spend a couple of day there and then head north for the west coast archipelago around Marstrand and other small fishing ports. After that we go back to Stockholm.

I am making this an “all are welcome” promotional tour, and there are only a couple of people in the crew so far so if you want to get a taste of what sailing on a Journeyman is like this is an excellent opportunity. There will be no cost for coming along except your share of food costs and harbour fees. As usual, seats are allocated on a first come first served basis, via the crew@journeyman.se mailbox.

Or if you are near one of these harbours, please come down and visit us, have a chat and get to see the boat!

Sep 092010

This old saying has quite a bit of merit to it. The time for leaving on an ocean crossing should be determined by weather and the conditions of yacht and crew. Not by a schedule. Trying to keep a certain time leads to dangerous decisions and has caused many risky situations in history…

So, I am now making it official that the first Journeyman yacht will not be leaving Sweden for an Atlantic crossing during September. The boat is simply not ready. It is a brand new design with lots of systems halfway installed and untested. We need at least another two months to get it in shape for a crossing, and by that time it will be too late in the season for an enjoyable sail towards Panama.

So instead I choose to spend the winter in Sweden, and get the boat significantly closer to 100% done before embarking on the longer journey.

After all, this project has been running for almost 5 years and now it is a couple of months late. Not too much of a delay, but it means we need to wait for the next years season. Most of this delay actually happened last fall during the hull construction, which took much longer than expected. The outfit of the yacht was actually quite fast, but still it was not able to make up for the time lost in hull construction.

I will be updating this blog as usual though, as we make progress in getting all the details done.

Next step is the first proper sea trials, which are schedule for Tuesday-Wednesday next week, weather permitting.