Jan 032013

So tonight we are out of here, heading for Cape Horn and Puerto Williams. Everybody enjoyed the Falklands very much, and we had a pretty fun New Years party including a very crazy bus ride with half the younger population on the island as the pubs closed. Sorry, no photos. So I’ll wrap up with a couple of images from the Christmas celebrations, which were also nice and somewhat spaced out…


We did a combined Filipino / Swedish / Brazilian Christmas, since all those nationalities were present. You, dear reader, may be able to guess which image belongs to which….


(Of course everyone had to take photos of the traditional Swedish smörgåsbord…)

Sea Lion Island

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Jan 022013

The southern-most island of the Falklands. Wonderful place bursting with animals. And a nice little hotel lodge in the middle.
I think the images pretty much speak for themselves.








Dec 242012


Last day before Christmas we took off to Volunteer Point on an excursion. There was very little wind, but there was still a bit of swell which made the dinghy landing difficult. Sandy beaches are OK to land on if the water is 25° and everyone is wearing shorts and sandals, but here the water is 7° and everyone is wearing long-johns and foulies. But we dressed up one of the crew in a heavy survival suit and he got to jump in first, so even if it was still a bit challenging it still worked.


Pretty amazing wildlife here. Schools of Albatross, Petrels and other sea-birds. Dolphins and penguins jumping around in the water as the anchor went in. Penguins everywhere, in fact.




Norwegians gone astray

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Dec 212012

It seems to me this ferry vessel from the Norwegian coastal route “Hurtigruten” is quite a bit off course. Apparently they have gotten bored with the north Arctic Atlantic and decided to have a go at the Antarctic too.


Notice the nice old fashioned way that meat is stored on the lower aft deck.

Cape Pembroke hike

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Dec 182012

Looong walking hike today.


The old lighthouse was put out of order by the Argentinians in 1982. Some people still want it renovated, but for now newer and cheaper technology rules.

We’re in Land Rover paradise here. But sometimes not even Land Rovers cope…