Almost like a normal spring launch: Antifouling

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Jul 292010

Standard thing to do before launch: Painting anti-fouling.

Well.. actually not for me, since my last small boat had so many layers of paint on the bottom when I bought it that I just grinded some old off each spring, instead of putting new on. And the large yacht I had before that was repainted on Trinidad. God knows what paint  they used, but it lasted forever and didn’t need any cleaning or repainting. Must have been horribly poisonous. Now we are using legal and nice paint.

Tomorrow night we are going to try mounting the keel. Don’t miss that!

Lots of Work-In-Progress…

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Jul 132010

The last 40 hours I have been sleeping three times, between 3 and 1 hour each time. This makes life slightly weird before you’re used to it. It’s just  like starting an ocean crossing and going on a very irregular watch schedule!

Today’s best news is that the rudder bearing problem is solved, thanks to a special inside pressure tool that my neighbor made.

We are also starting the bottom painting process. This will take a while, it is a total of seven layers of paint and some filler also to get rid of some ugly deformed parts of the hull bottom. First we have to clean all sand and dust off.

Lots of interior work is happening, but it’s still a bit messy so no pictures yet. Steering is also in progress, I hope maybe to give you a picture of a complete helmsman position tomorrow!

The autopilot has been mounted. This is a heavy duty work-boat type autopilot. I am fed up with standard leisure yacht type autopilots which are to weak and to slow to give good steering in anything except flat water…