Oct 202010

Finally I got some time to put together a video from the launch and initial sailing trials. Enjoy!

Catching up: Launch images

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Aug 152010

Not much happening in Västervik today. I spent the day catching up on paperwork. But I also got some images off my camera, so I thought I’d post a few from the night transport and early morning launch last week.

Aug 122010

So we have arrived in Västervik. First of all I am very tired after not sleeping much for two nights, which made me press the wrong button when updating the website, and a lot of things broke. I’m too tired to fix that right now…

Anyway. We did not get very far on our first attempt. About 1 Nm outside the harbor the engine stopped abruptly and refused to restart. We got an anchor in before we drifted too far, and then a tow back to the harbor, where we discovered a blocked fuel line.

The second attempt was better, but there are still problems with contaminated fuel. But we got to our target. Now it’s time for rigging work!

Aug 062010

First of all: I still do not have the correct stuff to get photos from my camera into the ship computer. But you can find a lot of images taken by a local newspaper photographer here: http://foto.saartehaal.ee/thumbnails.php?album=181

And here is an image from todays sail from Kuivastu to Kuressaare:

We are having issues with the keel, I am afraid. It is currently stuck, but I have hopes we can solve this before Monday. There are also several leeks in the piping systems. But all this is dwarfed by the good news: 7 knots at 2000 rpm. 9.2 at 3000. Turning radius is about 10 meters at speed. And you can see the accuracy of the waterline!

Aug 042010

She kind of looks like an old fashioned street car, but in fact these bars are meant to move the power lines away. There are at least a couple of places where we know we will need them, and probably some we don’t know yet. The transport is 30 km. At 10 km/h it will take almost four hours, if we include some stops for checking trouble. There will be 2 warning cars in front and one behind, plus a police vehicle. We start at midnight.