May 182010

The parts of the decks that have already been done are now forming a nice sandy beach!! Talk about foredeck sunbathing :-)

I really like the surface the sand creates. It’s very smooth, completely matte and yet shiny somehow…

May 152010

I have to admit that this afternoon was a very satisfying moment for me as a designer. It is really hard to get a grasp of the lines of the yacht while it is inside the hall. But now that it is outside, I am very happy with the lines. I think it looks great.

It took almost all day to get the hull out the door. 95% of the time was spent getting the trailer in place. Once that was done it rolled out very smoothly.

We also got quite a good test of the structural strength of the hull, since some of the maneuvers involved supporting just the ends, or putting quite a lot of side pressure on the topsides. But everything stayed stiff and in place.

Moving out for the first time

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May 152010

This is actually quite a complex operation. We only have one crane, and the hull needs to be turned and moved sideways before we can get it on the trailer. But I hope we will finish later today, so check in tonight to see results! Right now the hull is in the air and being shifted around.

May 122010

This significant milestone was reached today. Next step is surface treating the deck with sand blasting.

In the image above you can see the famous keel box and deck ring. Both now happily done!