Floor Factory

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Jul 282010

This afternoon the team went into mass production mode with the floor panels:

Here you can study the technique we use. The panels are made from aluminum honeycomb as described here. The edges of the panels are vulnerable to point loads, so they are filled with fiberglass reinforced polyester. Then the safety flooring mat is glued on top. The mat is cut to size after the glue has cured.

Floor safety

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Jul 192010

One of the most common causes of small injuries on an ocean crossing yacht is crew members slipping and falling. Your typical “luxury” cruiser has nice shiny floors. Shiny, however, is not so nice when you have wet shoes and the boat is heeled.

The Journeyman 60 has a high tech floor material made for public swimming pool areas. It is very durable, easy to clean and actually has exactly the same friction when wet as when dry. In combination with well placed grab-rails this should minimize falling accidents.

Another safety aspect of the floors is what happens if the boat experiences a knock-down. On your average cruiser yacht the floor panels are held in place by gravity, and people tend to store all sorts of heavy things underneath. Sometimes even potential murder weapons such as wine or spirit bottles. When the boat turns over, all this stuff falls out and frequently hurt people.

So the Journeyman 60 floor panels are held in place by locks. I use a very nice low profile Southco latch that comes with a separate key: