Aug 122010

So we have arrived in Västervik. First of all I am very tired after not sleeping much for two nights, which made me press the wrong button when updating the website, and a lot of things broke. I’m too tired to fix that right now…

Anyway. We did not get very far on our first attempt. About 1 Nm outside the harbor the engine stopped abruptly and refused to restart. We got an anchor in before we drifted too far, and then a tow back to the harbor, where we discovered a blocked fuel line.

The second attempt was better, but there are still problems with contaminated fuel. But we got to our target. Now it’s time for rigging work!

Jul 282010

So this is what the steering position looks like. In the picture you can also see the now solved winch collision problem. You can also see the steering control valve I talked about in yesterdays post, it’s the small silvery handle to the right of the wheel center.

You can see two joysticks on the switch button panel. The left one is the bow thruster. The smaller right one is the engine throttle and gear control. I hate the Teleflex style big throttles that always break and take too much space and peoples lifelines get caught in them and what not. So I rebuilt the engine to use a small industrial joystick for control, one at each steering position and one indoors in the deck house.

You can maybe also see that it has been raining, which is not so good since we are trying to get the bottom paint done, and that has been taking a bit too long due to multiple epoxy mixing disasters…

Jul 242010

The guys in Trollhättan who did the bulb apparently were in a bit of a hurry to go on holiday or something. We have a few issues we need to fix. Like all the bolts have been damaged. And there are large areas of bad casting. No disaster, it can be fixed. But still it adds some time to our already hectic schedule…

Jul 232010

Being busy is about the lamest excuse for not blogging, I know that. But I’ve been doing 16-19 hour working days the last 10 days, so I had to get the tempo down a bit before I could find the peace to write here. It is somewhat exhausting trying to lead a team of 7 people in building a yacht interior, when none of them have any experience of doing this before.

We also had all sorts of external trouble imaginable. It has been a nightmare to get the correct parts delivered for all the hydraulic machinery, for example. It was ordered in May. And last parts will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully. The guys doing the bottom paint had to take the filler off twice due to mistakes when mixing the resin. But now it’s on and good, so paining can move forward finally. And for me, being used to be able to find anything in a store 20 minutes away, it’s difficult to work in a rural area where the closest hardware stores are 50km away and have very limited supply.

However. The interior is coming along. Lot’s of things remain but I think these images will give you a taste.


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Shower. Notice the BIG designer mistake! I misplaced one window, and didn’t notice it until it was waaay too late to change, so the forward head and shower will get half a window each. As bonus we get more light into the salon :-)

Jul 082010

Today has been full of bad news. Leak testing of the deck showed that ALL of the hatches were leaking. In the same spot. Not in the mounting, but through the hatch itself, due to a manufacturing error at the supplier. The leak in the ballast tank pumps that I wrote about yesterday was not fixed. In fact, it was not possible to fix because I had done a bad gluing job. The we started to look at putting the rudders in, and I discovered that the inside of the rudder bearings had been damaged in the sandblasting.

This looked really bad to start with, but Olari did a nice job with wet-sanding it, so the bearing surfaces were saved. When we tried to put the bearings in, however, it didn’t go in. Bad welding deformation. How this will be fixed remains to be seen.

The pump gluing problem was caused by me using only a standard industrial polyurethane glue. We took everything apart and brought out the more professional stuff, and this time the bond was a lot better, so now I feel confident that problem was solved too. Now let’s try to fix those hatches…