Jun 302010

In governments and in sailing yachts….

Since the Journeyman aims to be an environmentally friendly yacht in all respects, I have decided not to fit any generator. At all. Not even a shore power charger! Well… that’s maybe also because shore power is a dangerous thing to have in an aluminum yacht to start with.

Anyway, we will rely 100% on solar power. To be able to fit as much solar power on the deck-house roof as possible I am using so called back-contact solar cells, which have a higher efficiency than traditional marine solar panels. These panels do have the issue that you can’t connect them all to the same charge regulator, due to electrostatic charge buildups that destroy performance.

So instead I am fitting each solar panel, 8 in total, with its own maximum power point tracking regulator. This means that each individual panel will be used to the maximum extent possible at all times, which is a good thing when some panels are partly shaded or at bad angles to the sun. As you can guess this happens pretty much all the time.