Jun 072010

Actually the parameter that determined the width of the deck house door was exactly this one: The engine. I wanted to be able to take it completely out for repairs if that should become necessary (actually there are quite a few boats around that don’t allow this!!).

So getting the engine in was fine. We could have left it in when the deck house roof was being built, but that would have meant that it was in there during sand blasting and spray painting, which is risky stuff for an engine…

On the other hand, the galley module that our carpenters are building will not fit in, and I didn’t think of that until this weekend. Luckily the galley is not finished, so they can finish it in parts that we put together inside.

Another noteworthy thing in this image is that I am obviously totally the hairstyle trendsetter, since all of the guys are now shaved. I’m just waiting for the yard manager to shave too. But not holding my breath, though….