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May 022011

I just uploaded a new set of images from the interior. To see them, click “Interior Design” in the “About Journeyman” menu above. Or click here.

Feb 112011

Here’s the answer to last post’s quiz: Right as you descend from the deck-house, just outside the main bathroom, I have placed a wall of small storage compartments where each crew member will have his/her own. For gloves, glasses and other small items you usually find floating around the boat.

I wanted a mirror on top of this shelf where crew members could check out their gear, and the more vain can check out their looks. Since I have been looking for some crazy detail to offset the clean space-ship looks of the interior, this mirror became the perfect detail. Love it or hate it ;-) !

(And the drink goes to you Oscar, who was first to say the “mirror” word. But since I don’t know you, you’ll have to show up to get it!)

Jan 052011

Quite a few people have independently commented on how the interior style I have chosen reminds them of pictures from the Space Shuttle or ISS. I quite like this association, so we have started to use it purposely. This image from the just finished aft bathroom is a good example:

The tubes are the starboard side freshwater fill and breather. They pass through the ballast tank before going into the bilge. The ballast tank top becomes a shelf for the bathroom.

Jun 202010

OK, so there has been lots of small things that will be better if I get to build a second Journeyman. And some things that were designed wrong but could be easily changed while building. But this collision was not solvable without a major cockpit redesign:

As you can see the handle of the primary winches collides with the upper life line. Moving the winch backwards doesn’t help since the deck area is very narrow here. And if it moves towards the center-line it collides with the handle of the halyard winch. The halyard winch can’t move either, because then the angle from the locks becomes too steep. So… I’ll just have to live with this. If the Journeyman 60 was designed for racing it would be a bad problem, but since it is not, it isn’t. The winch is dual speed, so it can be operated without having the handle go full turns. And the lifeline can be unhooked very quickly using the pelican hook just in front of the handle.

Today was a pretty boring day otherwise. The yard in under big pressure to deliver another boat, so no one is working on the Journeyman. In the end I gave up and starting working on the other boat too, hoping we would get rid of it sooner so I can have the work-force back!

Jun 172010

Here’s a first glimpse of the interior design colors: The stairway from the deck-house down to the salon.

All floors in the interior are covered by a safety floor mat originally designed for public areas around swimming pools and such. This mat is fully water, fungus and mildew resistant. But most of all it has really high friction when wet. Slipping and falling is one of the most common causes of injury on blue water yachts, so I am trying to minimize this. The steps are curved to 20° on each side to make it less difficult to climb under heel.