May 182010

The parts of the decks that have already been done are now forming a nice sandy beach!! Talk about foredeck sunbathing :-)

I really like the surface the sand creates. It’s very smooth, completely matte and yet shiny somehow…

Bachman Turner Overdrive…. not.

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Mar 202010

OK, maybe the pun in the title was kind of far fetched, but anyway: Our turner has been getting busy:

These are the attachments for the lifeline stanchions. Making the stanchions in aluminum is not a good idea, since they become very soft. I have seen enough other alu yachts with bent stanchions after some unfortunate encounter with another yacht at mooring or similar.

For corrosion reasons we can’t put the steel stanchions into aluminum base attachments. So the turner has made Delrin insulators that fit in the bases, and then the stanchions go into the insulators. And in the end they are secured by two plastic set screws.

This way everything is solid and stays corrosion free.

Notice all the bases are different angles, since the deck angle to horizontal changes continuously along the gunwale. It is also worth noting that the turner had to finish the inside of the alu pipe too. Of course when you buy a round pipe, it is just “almost round”, but not completely….

Deck being laid…

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Mar 162010

Yesterday the team started to lay the deck. This is a rather simple operation, except it is difficult (with a flat deck) to keep the 4mm thin plates straight after welding. But still, it is going quite fast. The skill of working with these thin plates was actually one of the reasons why I selected the Alunaut yard to build the Journeyman. Other yards would have made a heavier and slower yacht.

Feb 052010

In the beginning of this week the Alunauts delivered a great looking powerboat targeted at handicapped people. I was glad to see it go, because I was hoping that there would be more people for Journeyman work. But for various reasons there are still only 2 people working, so progress since the hull roll-over has not been so quick as I hoped. But the anchorbox has been fitted and the first plates of the deck.

The deck plates revealed a classical mistake: The first two frames (they were built in June last year!) was made according to the preliminary drawings, not the production ones. So they were too wide. But it was fixable with a moderate amount of violence…

But now I am really longing for having the deck plates in place, because it will mean that all the temporary steel bars inside the hull can be taken away and it will be possible to actually walk around inside the boat!