May 232011

I am continuing my quest to make a boat that “takes care of the crew instead of having the crew take care of the boat”. Unfortunately I can’t make the boat do the dishes. But I can at least try to improve the situation a bit for the crew member who does them. Most yachts I’ve seen are equipped with a dish rack, but it usually sits on the sink top and takes up valuable space, and the dripping dishes makes everything wet.

So I will try to put the dish rack on the wall above the sink. This space was unused anyway. So I liberate some valuable working space. And it doesn’t have to be stowed away when not in use. Plus now the water will just drip into the sink.

Apr 262011

The mornings are getting lighter, and we are doing the seasons first sailing this coming weekend. This prompted installation of the window blinds.

On long ocean crossings a lot of the sleeping will happen during daylight, so good window blinds are actually essential for comfort.

Vacuum Cleaner with Safety Belt

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Apr 062011

It seems the closer we get to sailing season and the closer Journeyman get to completion the higher the interest from people in joining the sailing activities. Which is nice. But with lots of people comes lots of food making and eating, which produces lots of crumbs!

Crumb fighting with a cloth is not so efficient, so I decided to put in a small battery operated vacuum cleaner. Of course it gets a safety belt just like all other stuff that could potentially fall down.

Jun 182010

Dig this sink. I have been working on it for a long time. Today it arrived with enough shine to be used as a mirror as well as as a sink.

The thing is, kitchen sinks in sailboats at sea never work. The whole concept of a hole in the middle breaks down when the boat is heeling. So water doesn’t run out. After a  while the sink is filled with a disgusting slush of dishwater and food leftovers. For an inexperienced ocean sailor this makes it very tempting to skip doing dishes, especially if you are a little seasick. So the sink starts filling up with dirty dishes too. Which in turn contributes to a lower morale when it comes to keeping the salon tidy.

Since I am designing a yacht made for comfort at sea in rough conditions, I had to do something about this, of course. The complex bottom shape of this sink makes sure that all water will run out of the sink even at 25° of heel, and irrespective of pitching movement in waves.

I asked several welders if they could manufacture it for me. Some just shook their heads and went away, but some said yes. It took quite a while, but I think the result was worth it. To complement the somewhat edgy look of the sink I choose a faucet with sharp angles as well.

Apr 192010

The Journeyman front cabins are only meant to be used at anchor, so they have standard flat beds. When at sea, the sleeping watch will use the aft cabins (since they are much more quiet and less rocky). So the aft cabins have proper adjustable sea berths: