Mar 122013

Now that we are back in the warm airs outside the coast of Brazil, a torrent of rain can be handled using different techniques…

Mar 022013

Apparently there is not much food for the albatrosses out here. I have never experienced a bird trying to eat our fishing lure before. This guy was hungry, and got hooked. Fortunately he was pretty calm about it, and I was able to pull him in and grab him by the beak and unhook him without any fuss. The hook was only sitting in the bone of the hooked part of his upper beak, so he wasn’t even hurt.

Unbeatable anchorage view

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Feb 232013

For a change we have had fair weather today. Which makes the sunset view from our current anchorage pretty much unbeatable, I would say.

Too much ice in Garibaldi…

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Feb 212013

Todays excursion was meant to go to the glacier in Seno Garibaldi. But the ice was too dense, and we were forced to give it up.

Making our mark

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Feb 202013

Since a lot of other yachts that passed through here left their mark in the bar, of course we couldn’t be any worse. Thanks to Olof we had a spare Swedish flag that we could sign and put up in the bar!