Apr 042013

Update: The crew for this journey has now been filled. Europe here we come !!


We are planning a crossing from Salvador, Brazil to Santa Cruz, Tenerife, with a stop-over in the Cape Verde islands. These two legs will be 15-18 days and 6-8 days respective. The only cost is your share of food costs.

The schedule is roughly from first week in May to mid June. We are currently 3 in the crew on this trip, so there is room for a few more!

See the crewing info page for the usual info.

  5 Responses to “[Updated] Want to crew across the Atlantic?”

  1. If anyone in Sweden is interested I can recommend http://www.condor.de that operates flights from Frankfurt directly to Salvador. Single ticket for as pricy as around 3.000 SEK

  2. Hi,

    Im very interested in joining the crew for these legs, what are the exact dates? Im an experienced sailor with the complete swedish martime edu klass 8 and ocean skipper.
    contact me either on e-mail or facebook, http://www.facebook.com/robert.petren

  3. Hi,

    I’m also interested in the exact dates and have a question about food: would it cause a lot of problems having a vegetarian on board? I’ve got quite a lot of sailing experience on family sized cruising yachts + the Inshore Diploma. How many crew will you take altogether and how many are you at the moment?


    • Carina, vegetarian food works well on shorter legs where you have access to food-stores in the harbors. On a long leg it is more difficult. Since fresh vegetables don’t last, you are down to canned, smoked,salted or dried food towards the end, and it’s harder to provide a fully meal that way, plus it means double cooking efforts. Of course these issues are possible to work out, but it does mean more work.

  4. Oh no, I can’t believe I didn’t saw this early. I’m looking for crewing, crossing, sailing adventures, And I actually already had moored next the boat and Jesper last year in Angra dos Reis and Arraial do Cabo. We talked a little. You was going south, looking for crew to do the Cape Horn. Well, hope you doing fine, Fair Winds. Cristina.