Nov 292012

To be honest, I actually think I have never had so many things working at the same time on the boat.

We have a new fuel system, restored bow-thruster, ballast tanks working, better auto pilot, better water circulation for the fridge, (almost) all electronics running correctly, and lots of other small issues have been addressed.

Tomorrow is cleaning up and food shopping day, then we hope to leave for Malvinas/Falklands on Saturday.

  3 Responses to “All Systems Go”

  1. Great to hear that status up-date, Bon voyage!

  2. And if (knock on wood) anything happens you are The Man to fix it!

    Prepare early – Worry late!!

    Have a safe adventure!

  3. Auto Pilot? Not your style… :-) Congrats to a safe trip to the falklands, tracker says your there while I type this.