Nov 222012

The thruster first gave up in Las Plamas in the Canaries almost exactly a year ago. Then it was the gearbox that called it quits. Since then the control electronics and the up/down motors gave up too, due to salt water penetration.

Now I have a new gearbox and a new controller, and I actually managed to find a small garage in the suburbs of Maldonado who were able to re-wind the shorted up/down motor.

So everything was put back together with a lot more careful water proofing than the original product had. The up/down motors were originally sealed with ordinary PVC tape, the kind you use for household electrical work… Now I have surface treated the motors with a metal epoxy primer, and carefully sealed them using proper marine products.

And everything actually works. Horray!

  One Response to “Yay! After almost 12 months I have a bow thruster again!”

  1. So your bow thruster is now “Alive and Kicking” ( 8)

    There has been enough drama around it that I think it deserves it’s own tag by now. And I believe you may eventually become known for a statement along the lines of “Furthermore I think Bow Thrusters must be eliminated”—