Nov 172012

Everybody who passed by on the pier this afternoon made various jokes in various languages about the fact that we were sewing. Making a sack for the floating mooring lines. To me, a man using a sewing machine is pretty normal. Not so to Brits, Americans and Uruguayans, apparently…

  16 Responses to “Why is men using a sewing machine so odd?”

  1. Real Men do sew… I have the priviledge to teach boys to sew and they love it! I just don’t know how people think that parachutes, sails, nets and the like could have been made when it was men who used them!

  2. Nothing sews like a Bernina!

  3. Berninas are not gender specific!

  4. I think it is great to see men sew! And on a Bernina makes it all that much better.

  5. It’s another power tool.

  6. Real men sew on fine tuned machines. Nothing beats the purr of a sewing machine.

  7. People are stupid! And should stop passing judgement on others.

  8. who’s wife loan there Bernina machine out ? most men like to sew even some do hand sewing and crocheting.

  9. my son wached me sew for years , then went out an bouth himself a sewing machine.then he made new seat covers for his car.add they look real nice.

  10. I am a 38 year old guy that is in the US Army. I have been in for about 17 years now and I sew and really enjoy it. I sew soldiers uniforms, patches, badges and dress uniforms. I repair items whatever it may be. I do not charge just take donations and if I receive anything I use it to buy supplies so I can continue to help others as it makes me feel good to help others. I have been called names and been accused of being gay because I am a guy that sews. It does not matter if your a man or woman, if you enjoy sewing do it. I think bernina is the best machine out there. Singer and pfaff is good too.

  11. When I was Scout Master for our local troop (let’s break another gender stereotype), the boys sewed a number of fleece items for winter camping. They loved it. They especially liked the serger!

    All three of my boys (all grown now) are competent at sewing repairs on sewing machines. Right now they are making quilt squares for a Christmas present to their dad.

    A guy sewing isn’t odd at all. Sewing in a boat along the pier, now that’s odd!

  12. I have been sewing since I was 9 years old. I was blessed with one child who thank goodness for me was a son. I made sure he and his Dad both know how to use a sewing machine. My son had a sewing class in middle school and when his teacher questioned the way I used my machine, he promptly told her he would do things my way as I had been sewing longer than she had been alive. I think everyone should be able to at the very least mend a seam or hem a garment.

    My son ended up getting an “A” in home-ec.

  13. Was proud to have sold several Berninas tasked for sails, repairs, etc. in the Annapolis MD area. Even had one show up for service that had been converted to handcrank & had been around the world on the Whitbread (?) or Rolex race.

  14. My dear sweet husband (DSH) is a fantastic long arm quilter. He is an artist with paints, wood and the sewing machine.

  15. I am a retired Air Force Master Sergeant .Fabrication and Parachute Specialist (did a LOT of sewing!) and I have sewn since I was 10. Since the career field I was in was 98% male, I worked with some of the most talented male sew artists. There was one in particular who I could ask to do anything regarding fabric and a machine, and he could do it. I learned upholstery from someone who owned an upholstery business. Go for it guys!

  16. Hi Jesper.
    Great design, work and passion!
    Respect from Poland.