Apr 102012

The Journeyman has been in the water almost two years now, and the antifouling paint is dying. I dived for a few hours to clean the hull, but I was forced to end early by an invasion of microscopic shrimp. I guess their way of protesting me destroying their habitat was to crawl all over me…

  2 Responses to “Disgusting seafood.”

  1. Snygg solbränna;-) Kanske en räksmörgås de kommande dagarna?


  2. Hey Jesper, The 4 months i have spend with my boat in Buzios (and Cabo Frio) i also was amazed (and disgusted at the same time.. .. i mean what are those suckers and what purpose do they serve?? Anyway…) by the quantity.
    I noticed however, that once back in Angra dos Reis… those little shrimp do not servive very well (are not present in the waters around Angra??). I usualy clean my hulls every 10 days, and that is why i noticed that the first clean after having returned from Buzios was still disgusting, but the second time… easy going…
    Anyway, good luck with yr saill souith.
    Take care and fair winds
    SV Onda Boa