Mar 292012

Well now I know why the transom compartment bilge pump stopped working ;-) I guess the pump was not as watertight as it was supposed to be. Oh well…

  3 Responses to “Dear Johnson Pumps, is it supposed to look like this?”

  1. Oh, I don’t know. To me it seems it holds it’s water pretty well, nothing leaking out of that enclosure…

  2. The pump looks wet inside, can you clean and dry it and seal the pump with Silicone Aquarium Sealant?

    • Hehe the pump is totally destroyed inside. All the corrosive metal has dissolved in the salt water, creating the brownish goo that you see.

      Today I have replaced it with the shower drain pump from the forward shower, which was the same type. But I took it apart and improved the sealing before mounting it, as you said.