Feb 292012

We’ve had really light winds lately. This is sometimes challenging, especially when coming from behind. The swell makes the sails flog when the wind is so light that there is little pressure on them. And this flogging under no load causes a lot of wear and tear on the sails. To avoid it you have to head up closer to the wind, which means zig-zacking very slowly downwind. Sometimes our VMG has been as low as 3 knots. But right now we have no hurry so it is OK.

We passed the Abrolhos Archipelago, which is a beautiful natural preservation park, and also hangout for Frigate Birds and turtles.

We had a rather pretty sunset the first night anchored out there:

South of Abrolhos there is plenty of oil and gas production activity. We passed this funny crossover between a ship and a drilling platform, which had over 25 anchors to hold it in place: