Jan 222012

If I sweat any more now I will have to start running the bilge pump! It is over 30°C in the shade, and more inside the boat. I am struggling with dismounting the aft toilet. Here ALL joints are double glued, precisely as they should NOT have been. Unfortunately this job was done during the last hectic months in the yard, when the summer was too hot for the yard workers to work during the day, so they shifted to working at night (The boat was outside in the sun!). Myself I had to do some work during normal office hours too, so I got very little sleep and could not check everything. The design and instructions were clear: Everything was to be built so it could be taken apart again. But here the guys went totally over the top with the glue gun.

Notice my new favourite tool: A cut off kitchen knife. Hard, thin and flexible. Perfect for getting in the glued joints and cutting them apart. Still hard work, even if the joints are heated with hot air gun. Sweat sweat sweat.

  2 Responses to “Heat, glue and having the right tools.”

  1. Hey, that’s a tough job taking your nice interior apart. And the heat and the awkward work positions do not make it better. I hope you can get a really cold beer nearby!