Oct 152011

Looks like we’re finally out of the beating-upwind-in-30-knots-and-choppy-seas business. Good riddance. We’ve been in that business for almost a month now!!!

The start of the leg towards Bretagne and Brest was very nice. Broad reaching in light winds and good speed, lit by a strong moonlight. At least the moonlight seems strong to the human eye. The camera doesn’t really think it is strong at all, which makes the atmosphere a little hard to capture…

Unfortunately the winds got lighter and lighter, and now at 0400UTC we are motoring.

  2 Responses to “Moonlighting…”

  1. The first post in this logbook seems to be We have a new hull from 2008-10-20. Three years (and the project must have been well underway when that was written) but now, finally, J1 is in it’s right element. Congratulations!

  2. Choppy winds gone, check.
    Aluminium flakes in diesel tank gone, check.