Oct 122011

OK, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with the “sill” I mentioned in the last post, here is what it looks like at low tide:

St Peter has an average tide difference of about 9 meters. The sill prevents the water from running out of the marina below a certain level. This makes the marina deeper but creates a time window where access is not possible.

Other fun effects of this extreme tidal difference is the looong mooring lines needed for the boats who are not moored to floating pontoons.


I also found the yacht with the largest wind speed sensor I have ever seen… Maybe something for Oceansearch to measure wind speed very very accurately…

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  1. Hej Jesper

    Kul att ni är på Guernsey. Jag var där för 30 års sedan och lärde mig att Victor Hugo skrev Havets arbetare på ön. Spännande plats.

    Vi hörs
    här hemma är det riktigt blä… bara så du vet