Sep 292011

I’m trying to plan our UK South Coast Tour. We will probably go to Newhaven from The Netherlands, and then on to some place in the Solent. But there are sooo many marinas to choose from! So any input about nice places to stay would be welcome!

  4 Responses to “Looking for advice on marinas arount the Solent!”

  1. Check out Poole. I believe it’s pretty nice. I haven’t been there with a yacht myself – only a couple of visits from land when I lived in London.

  2. Lymington Yacht Haven has space for 60 footers, good restaurant on site. Nice walks in the forest. They were very helpful when we needed a berth on short notice there last summer in the week between Cowes Week & the Fastnet race.

    But if you are there for the first and only time you should really go to Cowes, of course. At this time of year there should be plenty of space at one of the alongside berths.

    PS your comments about the sand down here in the German & Dutch Waddenzee really made me laugh. Guess you understand now why we opted for a fully retractable lifting keel :-) Oh, and the local charts are a necessity. The rocks in Sweden don’t move much, but the sand down here does …

  3. Hi, I am a Naval Architecture student and I am in Southampton. Ocean Village marina is always visited by IMOCA Open 60 boats, Volvo 70’s, I saw an old America’s cup boat too, so I don’t think depth or size will be a problem there, plus Cowes is litteraly in front. A second plus is that I would love to visit the boat, if possible, as I am doing an Expedition boat for my final year project.
    Best Regards, love the website.

  4. A picture of the crew!!! The sun shines in Stockholm.