Sep 272011

I was at Helgoland 10 years ago. At that time the island was a tax-free haven, created to make the it attractive to tourists. The place basically felt like one gigantic duty-free shop in the middle of the North Sea. Now those tax breaks have been significantly reduced, and so has the amount of people going there. So now it felt a little desolate.

We had pretty boring weather during the evening, so the compulsory walk around the island was cancelled, and we left early in the morning for Norderney.

On the way out we met the german Pollution Control Vessel “Mellum”. I was tempted for a while to call them up and see if we could compare our hydrocarbon measurement values, since I am sure they had some equipment for that onboard. But I realized I didn’t really know how our own measurements values should be interpreted, so I would look a little bit stupid.

Maybe if some of the guys from Oceansarch read this they can send me a mail with some more information on what the numbers from the oil sensor really means?? I never had time to ask them about that before we left Stockholm…

  2 Responses to “Leaving Helgoland”

  1. Beautiful scenery, lucky you.

  2. Darling Jesper,

    Your blog is what’s going to keep me alive through the long, dark, cold Swedish winter ahead. Keep it coming.