Jul 242011

We’ve left Karlshamn and are on route towards Gothenburg. So all you Gothenburg people, make sure you plan a visit to the boat during Tuesday or Wednesday!

The wind is near gale force, so we have the sea pretty much to our selves. The good news is that the Journeyman is performing very well indeed in its intended conditions. We’re beating against the wind and against the rough sea that this place is so well known for. But still doing about 8 knots close hauled, and having a pretty comfortable ride. We’ve had about 4 or 5 slammings since leaving port 2 hours ago.

Todays bad news is that the reef line sheave in the boom (for the third reef) is misplaced, it is too close to the mast. So we need to tie the outhaul to the sail to get the foot flat on the third reef. Not much to do about I am afraid.

  One Response to “The Famous Bight of Hanö Seas”

  1. Tjoho! Hur mycket “gale” hade ni? 17-18 m/s? Stadigt eller i byar?