Jul 072011

Good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad: We are last in the fleet, and the wind is dying and will continue to do so according to the forecasts. This means we have no chance to catch up, which is kind of boring. If the forecast is correct I think we might even have trouble making the cutoff time.This is the price we have to pay for being the slowest boat on the longest course.

The good news are a lot better! Up until 3 am this morning when we reached Stora Björn we had nice winds, first a long reach down to Prejaren under Code-0, then upwind to St Björn. During these 5 hours we only lost 30 minutes to the next boats ahead of us. For a long while we were almost keeping pace with the TP52:s! This was also the first occasion I have had to run with the ballast tanks, and they worked excellently. So after all, even if we are loosing, we have to remember that we are competing with a cruiser against some of the fastest racing machines in the world. And we were almost keeping up, at least as long as there was decent wind!