Jun 202011

When we lifted the boat for the IRC measuring last week we uncovered a few problems that needed to be fixed. This was supposed to happend this weekend. The bowthruster cover plate had gone missing.And there was about 10 small corrosion spots on the bottom. Plus the cover for the keel bolts in the fin was obviously not 100% watertight. This last problem was not too surprising, considering I did that in last minute panic just before launching in August last year…

Anyways, it rained quite a lot this weekend, which made work very difficult and not so fun. After three late night shifts of work everything seemed ok, including the new bowthruster cover which has very good fit:

Special thanks to Magnus and Stina for hands-on and mental support!

But just before launch I thought: Given that the whole weekend has been miserable, I am sure there is a last corrosion problem hidden underneath the lifting strap. And of course there was one. Now I am trying to fix that last one really quickly despite the cold weather, since the crane is needed for other work. A paddle, a ladder, a hot air gun and some straps:

  2 Responses to “Miserable weekend.”

  1. How much did the baby weigh? All within estimations?

    • It’s funny with weights for boats… Manufacturers usually just give you a number, but no clue about what weight they are talking about. The EU Recreational Craft directive have two clearly defined weights, “Minimum Operating Condition” and “Loaded Displacement”. In this case we were doing the IRC Endorced displacement, which is kind of close to the MOC but slightly higher since some permanent equipment is included.

      The result was 16 270 kg. My estimate was “About 16 tons, certainly less than 17” so it was pretty close… This gives us a sailing displacement under normal conditions of about 17 tons.