May 302011

The Swedish Sailing Federation just assigned the official SRS racing handicap rating for the Journeyman 60:


…which means that according to them the Journeyman is one of the fastest monohulls in Sweden at the moment, less than 10% below the TP 52 (Here is the official list)

Which makes me smile of course. But it also means that competing for top spots in races will be extremely hard…

  4 Responses to “Holy Cow: One point sixty-one”

  1. Coolt! lycka till! Det här vinner du! :)

  2. Journeyman rules :):)

  3. Farrt, utmaningar och förväntningar. Kan det bli så mycket bättre! Lite som Stålmannen, fast aluminium.

  4. Mäh, allvarligt. Ska vi aldri få vinna den där!?
    Kul! Vilket monsteråk du har byggt Jesper.