Mar 212011

OK folks, the ice has started to melt… Time to get planning! Check out the preliminary schedules on the “Route Planning” page!

  9 Responses to “Planning!”

  1. Nice! When do you plan to set sail?

  2. 2 Super hot links for route planers.

    Pilot charts in pdf

    how to import pdf (above) into navigation programs

    But I guess you know all about it already…….


  3. kul!! jag kommer att vara i syd Afrikai april 2011 så då måste jag komma och titta på båten igen:) fair wind

  4. This is a niffy one

  5. At the bottom of this page are another set of overlays of winds you can use if you want to see prevailing winds in google earth.
    Same info you find in pilot charts.

    On this page you it is even simpler, you just select (as in the instructions on the page) area and period in the maps upper right corner and voilà, wind it is.