Mar 082011

This post certainly qualifies for the “Details” tag. But anyhow, I distinctly remember one of the first things I ordered after arriving at the yard in Estonia (that was 21 months ago!) was a set of water tight cable through-hulls. Today we finally mounted the ones that take all cables from the aft watertight compartment into the cabin. It was actually a rather cumbersome installation due to the extremely tight space where the through-hulls are mounted…

Two good things with this: Number one is these are really good heavy duty through-hulls. Not like the toys you can buy in marine stores. And number two is the reason they finally got mounted is that we are finishing the port aft cabin. And after that there is only the starboard aft side left to do before the interior is complete!

  One Response to “Details Coming Together”

  1. Kul att allting börjar komma på plats nu, ska blir sjukt spännade att få se det färdiga resultatet sen!:)