Nov 192010

I just recalled a time many years ago when I sailed the Caribbean 1500 race together with Steve Dashew and his Beowulf monster. The start of the race was delayed due to a lingering hurricane that was sitting right on the course and didn’t want to die. So we were hanging around the marina in Hampton and I had decided it was a good time to start building a bimini for my yacht. Steve made a blog entry with a picture of this work, and the same title as this entry I am writing now. And it’s still true!

Having the whole winter to complete the Journeyman interior I have started to do window frames that are a lot more elaborate than I originally planned. I know I have said repeatedly the the Journeyman would not have any fancy woodwork inside. And now look…. :-)

  One Response to “The list of things to do tends to fill the available time”

  1. Getting closer to luxurious! :D