Oct 142010

We have not been able to do as much sailing as I would like due to continuing engine problems. I have changed filters in for the engine fuel so many times it is not even funny any more.  So I decided I had enough. And ripped the tanks open to see what was going on. I am glad I did, even if it was A LOT of work, with lots of interior having to be dismounted. This is what they looked like:

It will set me back a bit over a week to get all the tanks cleaned out and the interior put back in place.

  4 Responses to “Two steps backwards: Tank cleanout”

  1. Congratulations. And I mean it.

    I hope this is the most serious problem there is to find during the shakedown trials. I also hope it’ll be evident how the stuff (blasting sand??) ended up in the tanks to begin with, so you can be reasonably sure you won’t see the problem at sea.

  2. What in heaven is that? From where it came?

  3. I think this is due to bioligical aids nowdays in the diesel fuel. Bacterial will grow if some water (condense) occurs in the tank.

  4. Very clean at least.
    Or like Zohan would have put it: Silki Smoooth.