Sep 272010

The headline says it all. The Journeyman performs as intended. Even though the water ballast system is not functional yet!

The wind was N-NNE 12-14 m/s. Very short, sharp and choppy waves, significant height about 1.1 meters. We used 2 reefs and staysail, at AWA 35-40°, average SOG around 8.5-9 knots, top speed 10 knots.

The balance and responsiveness of the yacht is amazing. The steering is effortless and precise. The hull does not slam in the common way, but does a little interesting sideways twist-kick when digging down after a large wave. The impact is softer than a traditional hull and steals a lot less speed from the yacht, but can throw you of balance if you are unprepared…

  4 Responses to “Visby – Landsort in gale force head winds: 70Nm in 9.5 hrs = VMG 7.4 knots!!!”

  1. Jesper,

    seems like you were having a good ride. Sorry I could not make it to participate.

    Congratulations to step by step confirmning that the design ideas works in real life. Must be very rewarding!


  2. Journeyman also have a very comfy and cool floor to rest a tired body on.
    I do recommend aluminium mattress and rope cushions.
    4 the rest of the crew, sorry I replaced myself with 80 litres of diesel.

  3. I can confirm that it was an excellent journey even with that sea and angle during 24h + 24h. I’m looking forward to a trip with same wind speeds but a different angle!

    May I propose AWA around 90-120° just for fun :-)

  4. När kommer fler bilder på inredningen och från seglingarna?

    Rasmus, som tycker du ska segla båten till Tromsö